Eric Scull, The MuggleCasters - MuggleCast #31: Since Before 'Nam
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Full clip of the “Tootsie Roll Spiel” by Eric Scull / MuggleCast tee shirt advertisement - on MuggleCast Episode #31, “Since Before ‘Nam” - published March 19, 2006.

ON THIS DAY 7 years ago, a little ad-libbing happened on MuggleCast when I was asked to give listeners yet another reason to buy a MuggleCast tee shirt. The result was perhaps my truest “spiel” which at first appeared to be going nowhere fast, and at its conclusion was successfully able to bring things ‘round to a solid advertisement for our shirts. All based, of course, on the premise that you know about Tootsie Rolls.


Andrew: [laughs] And don’t forget, MuggleCast t-shirts are available at Just click on “Store” at the top.

Eric, Eric has stated a few very important reasons why you must buy one of these t-shirts. Isn’t that right, Eric?

Eric: Yes, that’s correct - Episode 29.

Andrew: Can you give us another one though. I don’t think people are completely convinced.

Eric: Okay. Tootsie Rolls, right? Okay, Tootsie Rolls. I am staring at a tube of Tootsie Rolls and I am thinking, “Gee, who manufactures Tootsie Rolls.”

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah?

Eric: Now, you never know who does it. It’s not the Hershey’s company. It can’t be because I am looking at this tube an nowhere does it say, “Hershey’s Tootsie Rolls,” right? You follow?

Laura: Ummm.

Eric: Okay, so…

Micah: No.

Eric: No. Okay, quiet Micah. All right. So now, Tootsie Rolls. Everybody…

Micah: Because I say so much.

Eric: No, everybody knows what Tootsie Rolls are - everybody has had Tootsie Roll. You know what? If they haven’t, they are going to have a Tootsie Roll. So I’m thinking, I’m sitting here looking at this whole tube of what used to be Tootsie Rolls - I actually ate them all - and I am thinking who manufactured these? Nobody knows. Nobody knows what company owns Tootsie Rolls unless you work for that company. I am thinking, but they sold millions. I mean how many Tootsie Rolls have you sold…have you bought in your life? That’s a lot of Tootsie Rolls. So…

Andrew: [laughs] So what’s your point?

Eric: The point…

Andrew: So what’s your point.

Eric: So the point is, Andrew and Micah and Laura and viewers at home, that you don’t know who manufactures Tootsie Rolls yet you buy them anyway. And in the case of MuggleCast t-shirts you know who manufactures them. You know that you’re going to get your money’s worth from MuggleCast. You know exactly who that money is going to and why it is going to them. And you can support the show by buying this, just like you support Tootsie Roll manufacturers. Like the CEO of Tootsie Roll, the CEO of Tootsie, is sitting there on a desk chair and he’s not doing anything for Harry Potter fans, but we are, and that’s why you should buy a MuggleCast t-shirt.

Andrew: Wow, that was inspiring. Long, lengthy and inspiring.

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