Rest in peace, Richard Kiel, you big softie…




Remus Lupin’s father was named Lyall Lupin.

Lyall means wolf.

Remus Lupin is literally Werewolf McWerewolf II.

he is moon moon.

he is moon moon.

Each of the Hogwarts houses is presented with a locked door.



RAVENCLAWS: *find the key*

SLYTHERINS: *pick the lock*

GRYFFINDORS: *kick it down


This has been a brief description of the Hogwarts houses.

Painfully accurate.

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You don’t know me.

But I can’t be silent any longer.

Within the last few days, my fandom has exploded with brave women sharing their stories. I feel stronger, because they’ve been through the same things, and it’s shown me that I’m not alone. So I need to share my story too, because this is…

This is an important story.

I have finally seen “Frozen” and - it’s kind of a hot mess? - here’s my 2500 word review, anyway.

I have finally seen “Frozen” and - it’s kind of a hot mess? - here’s my 2500 word review, anyway.

Maybe that episode was too meta.

Maybe that episode was too meta.


Tumblr needs more of this….whatever this is.